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Manage Anxiety & Depression

The stress hormone cortisol is lowered after a massage while serotonin and dopamine (neurotransmitters that reduce depression levels) are increased! The parasympathetic nervous system is activated which lowers heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and increases digestion.

The emotional value of touch and the effects on mood and mental health are so profound.


Massage therapy is just as important to the mind as it is the body...

Healthier Sleep

After a massage, your delta waves can be strengthened to promote a deeper and healthier sleep. If you need convincing on the importance of a healthy good night's rest, look no further than here

Better Immunity

Massage is the stress fighting tool that helps the mind which (in turn) keeps the body healthy. In some studies, massage therapy has helped increase the body's immune system by unlocking the body's own natural healing process.

Postural Support

Deep Tissue massage seeks to effect the deeper muscle layers and connective tissue of the body. Through a combination of stretching, deep tissue techniques such as broadening and lengthening specific muscle groups, the therapist works with the client to return the body back to its healthy posture. This includes client education in how to change incorrect postural patterns to a healthier pattern of sleeping, sitting, and standing. This is especially true for the prenatal and postnatal client.

Relieve Chronic Pain

Massage therapy relaxes muscle tissue, which reduces painful contractions and spasms. Massage can also reduce nerve compression.Organs can also benefit from massage, as they share neurological pain pathways with muscles, bones, and nerves.

The #1 reason prenatal clients seek massage is for low-back and pelvic pain from the physical changes her body is going through to support a growing baby.

Improve Flexibility and Joint Mobility

Deep tissue massage seeks to lengthen shortened muscle fibers, breaking up thickened areas, improving circulation and lymph flow, and helping the tissue regain better elasticity. Proper blood flow and oxygen is brought back to the soft tissue. Assisted stretching may improve joint ROM and re-educate muscles and tendons.

Speed Recovery Time

Massage helps increase blood flow, shuttles toxins out and away from cells, allows nutrients to replace those toxins, and promotes healing in muscle and connective tissue.

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